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Since March 2015 thousands of families in Yemen have fled their homes with only their clothes, searching for a safe place, a shelter, and a new home. Women and children are the most affected, especially the poor who have played no part in starting this war. Women and War is an ongoing documentary photography project that sheds light on the stories of women’s struggles and survival during the war. The project was initiated by documentary photographer Thana Faroq during collaborations with international NGOs, to tell the stories of women, children and internally displaced people.

“My aim is to shed a light on these women’s struggles, portray their situation and produce not only startling portraits but also powerful stories. This is going to be an ongoing project dedicated to the women who survive in the makeshift encampment and who struggle every day to keep hope alive in spite of the hardships surrounding them.  By capturing the women in their familiar surroundings, I provide a snapshot into the daily life of these women – what has changed and is missing due to the war – and thus I try to offer more detailed insights into Yemeni society.”  Thana Faroq.

Thana Faroq is a Yemen-based documentary photographer, currently pursuing an M.A. in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the School of Media, Art and Design at the University of Westminster in London. Her work has featured on several prominent platforms, such as Vocative, CNN Arabia, Huffington Post, BBC and Aljazeera, and recently as part of World Press Photo.

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