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The imaginative photographs of Amr Attamimi

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Born and raised in Yemen, Amr Attamimi expresses his emotions and experiences through photography, in a country where artists often find it difficult to break through the barriers of tradition in a conservative society. Experiencing many ups and downs, Amr takes a moment to express what he feels, channeling his profound experiences and inner emotions through art.

According to Amr, growing up in Yemen comes with a number of limitations; and that is why the alternative options inside him were born. Through his photographs, he was able to travel through time and space to present his feelings, his imagination and his protests.

“I like to take my viewers on a journey where objects and matters are not bound to dimensions, to see how many of us in places like Yemen struggle, indulge and go on with our lives. Through digital photography and editing, I bring together the past into the future.” Amr Attamimi

Amr Attamimi is represented by Emergeast, an online art gallery promoting and selling artworks from the Middle East’s rising artists.

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