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Video 03: Yemen’s top YouTubers to the world: Bring Development Back!

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Abdulrahman al-Gamily, Basma Hashem, Sohila al-Bna’a, Ezaldeen Aref, Saleh al-Tawil, Mohsin Nasser, Feda’a Yahya, and Wijdan Mujahed. Among those names are some of Yemen’s most popular online personalities and YouTubers. To put it into perspective: Sohila has roughly 50,000 followers on Instagram, Abdulrahman has over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube, and Ezaldeen Aref has close to 43,000 subscribers on YouTube.

 Still from the video campagin #BringDevBack Still from the video campagin #BringDevBack

Those eight creatives came together and launched the social media campaign #BringDevBack. Bring Development Back to Yemen is a campaign that advocates for the importance of internationals creating development opportunities rather than limiting engagement to humanitarian relief.

The initiative’s first video presents Yemenis currently living inside and outside Yemen, with different career backgrounds, all united in one purpose: rebuilding their country after years of war and destruction. The #BringDevBack video is only the first step towards a number of talks and discussions organized by the group and promoted via social media to ensure that the public listen to the conversation and also take part.

Al Madaniya is pleased to publish the video, and provide English subtitles for its content, to show the international audience Yemen’s youths’ hopes for their country.

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