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Video 06: Corners of A City

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International media describes Aden as a city of mostly empty streets. Photographs published in The LA Times, The Guardian and other major news outlets complement the empty street city reference.

While those photographs are not far from the truth, young locals have their own perspective on how their city looks today.

 still from video 06  still from video 06

Al Madaniya approached Onsy Hisham to make a video about Aden; he decided to showcase Aden through his own eyes and narrative. It is a fact that many parts of the southern port city have been damaged after more than three years of major fighting, but this video aims to present residents’ narratives; in particular, young people and their strong desire to rebuild their homes and live in peace.

Onsy Hisham is an Aden based film-maker. He often creates videos using light painting techniques. Currently, he works as a digital designer for the Small and Micro Enterprise Promotion Service.

Al Madaniya magazine is pleased to present VIDEO 06: My City Through My Lens. We encourage all Yemeni artists, animators and creatives to submit their work for future issues.



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