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Video 08: Four People

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Video 08 puts the spotlight on four Yemeni social media users. It tackles the humanitarian aspect of utilizing social media. The video focuses on those who use social media accounts, such as Facebook and Snapchat, to help those in need. The four social media users are questioned about their challenges and reflections, and they in turn offer words of advice for other Yemenis on how to use social media to create a positive impact.

Four People is made by Abdulrahman Alward, a 22 year old recent graduate of the School of Media at Sana’a University. His creative adventures began in 2015, when he started a YouTube channel addressing certain issues from his own perspective, related to Yemeni youth, education and the ongoing war/conflict.

Recently Alward finished a documentary film workshop as part of Comra Films camps in Sana’a. Four People is his first documentary video.

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