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Public transportation makes life easier for everyone. With the rising cost of petrol in Yemen, prices of public buses are still to some extent cheaper than any other transportation.

Being a college student with a hectic timetable, I always preferred public to private transport. Not only because it was cheap and efficient but also perhaps because of the mystery behind it all… Going about your day not knowing which bus you’re going to take, let alone who you are going to meet. Are they students who got tired of walking to school and asked for a free ride for a change; or that old lady who’s going to visit her daughter and invite you over for lunch; or maybe that hardworking girl, revising her exam sheets before she reaches college. You just never know.

Throughout my stay in Yemen (2013–2018), a time of instability, in the midst of the busiest days, I sought to capture these souls, getting on and off buses. I was captivated. This photo essay is a collection of the photographs taken during that time.

Bashayer Ali is a Saudi based self-taught Yemeni-born photographer . She received her B.B.A degree from the Science and Technology University in Sana’a. She currently works in the business field, but continues to develop her photography skills through a variety of activities and projects, mainly through Instagram. Though she believes that this type of photography can be a challenging, because she is a woman, and the streets of Yemen can be hostile to women  – she still considers that there are countless stories on the streets of Yemen that needs to be documented.

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