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Video 09: Place of Art

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This video documents music meet-ups from young people who have come from different governorates, as they unite in Sana’a. Unfortunately they have not found any institution to sponsor them and or nurture the arts and music they create. United by art and music, they meet from time to time together, and talk about historical issues in Yemeni, Arab and global music, whether modern or classical. The youth gather in public areas, like modern coffee shops or clubs, in open spaces that can embrace them.

The video confirms the presence of art, music and talent in Yemen, despite the lack of resources and the lack of a supportive environment. These young talented people lack the support and attention that they deserve from authorities and those who advocate for art.

About the director

Hussein Ali al-Saad was born in 1998. He became a photographer and filmmaker in 2014 and participated in several workshops, camps and training courses in Yemen, Jordan and Malawi. His Vimeo channel contains some of his previous films.

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