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Ramadan Lanterns Light the Neighborhoods of Sana’a: A Celebration of Life and a Refusal of War

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We would like to take this opportunity and share the best photo we have received in our call for Ramadan celebration, which was received by Abdellah Mohammed Al Habshi, shot in Seiyun, Hadramout


In a neighborhood in the Mathbah area of Sana’a, a group of young people initiated a community celebration on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. Their idea was to create a joyful atmosphere for the neighborhood and its community at a time when such normal everyday life activities during war seem like a luxury. With much tenacity, they gathered the neighborhood elders and young people to collectively prepare for Ramadan.

Together the neighborhood residents decorated their streets with colorful lights and beautifully shaped lanterns. Against this festive backdrop, they organized some recreational activities for the residents, who will remember these festivities long after the month ends. The celebrations included a group iftar initiated by Osama al-Shahari, where members of the neighborhood came together and shared many dishes from their homes.

The young organizers hope to make it an annual celebration that revives the community’s spirit during the lively nights of Ramadan. Each event was filled with many happy moments and the atmosphere carried a sense of love, harmony and community cooperation. It was a triumph against the adversity the community has faced during the past four years of conflict. The most beautiful thing that I experienced during this celebration was witnessing the happiness on the faces of children, youth and senior citizens alike, despite the simplicity of the occasion. This reflects how the average citizen longs for peace and harmony after suffering through four years of war.



Badr Yousef is a graphic designer and photographer with an interest in documenting public life across the country and sharing it with the rest of the world. He has produced many works of art that have been widely shared across social media.



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