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Stories Scattered by War

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When we break down the larger story, known as “the war in Yemen” into smaller stories, we end up having the stories of individuals, individuals from flesh and blood who were stormed with events that changed their present and future forever. Then all the slogans raised by politicians are diminished especially those speeches about good and evil, right and wrong. This video features stories of some Yemenis that the war resulted into losing their loved ones, and losing their homes. It made them face poverty, displacement and the loss of dignity. The absent security that the video talks about includes physical security, psychological security, security of endangered moral values, and the security of a generation that is vulnerable to loss in a future that seems lost with the cycles of war.

This video release is a collaboration between Al-Madaniya Magazine and YPC’s project (Rebuilding peace and security). The project was funded by the European Union.



Directed and edited by:
Abdurahman Hussain, (also known as ​Afro) is an award-winning filmmaker and producer.

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