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Photo Essay: Aden’s Islands and Coasts, a Talisman of Eternal Beauty

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Have you had the chance to relax with a glass of Adeni tea, and enjoy seeing the sun turn red and gather its scattered silk in preparation to depart, shrinking bit by bit? Have you been charmed by the blend of colors in the sky with their soul-captivating magical powers, like an ancient talisman buried deep in the sea? If you have experienced that, you must have also been along the Adeni coasts and seen the grains of sand that were burnished by the sun until they resembled precious gold. You might also have experienced waves hitting your feet, and walked amongst rocks silent since time began.

The beauty of camping trips to escape the city’s crowds is realized on the coasts and islands of Aden. In those charming spots, you will undoubtedly enjoy feeling like a tourist in your own country. However, a touch of sadness may come over you suddenly as you realize how they lack the attention they deserve, and how much the facilities require rehabilitation and renovation. All because of the harm caused by the dark powers of war and pointless crises created by humans against their own.


Hamza Mustafa Hasan lives in Aden and works as a photographer and videographer. He specializes in capturing nature scenes and focuses on highlighting different and unique angles of his city, Aden, and its geographic and natural features. You can follow him on his Facebook page or Instagram account.

Photo Essay by Hamza Mustafa, showing a number of islands and their coasts in Aden governorate, focusing on their sunrise and  sunset:

Sunrise in Al-Barbariya Island
Sunrise in Al-Hiswa
Sunrise in Al-Hiswa Coast
Sunset in Al-Hiswa Coast
Sunrise in Aziz Island
Sunset in Aziz Island
Sunset in Aziz Island
Aziz Island
Sunset, Imran, Aden
Sunrise in the coast of Al-Noba island, little Aden
Sunset in Al-Noba island
Bonus, a photo taken by Hamza Mustafa during one of his camps, while the Galaxy could be seen in the background.
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