Tamjid Aziz Al-Kohali

Education In Yemen: A Victim Of War Merchants

4.5 million students are deprived of education in 2017 as a result of the strike by teachers, who demand their…

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Fine Art through Amna al-Nasiri’s Eye’s

In this interview with al-Madaniya magazine, Amna al-Nasiri, the artist, author, critic and Professor of the Philosophy of Aesthetics at…

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Domestic Tourism: From Nature & Archaeological Sites To Shopping Malls & Cafes

Visiting public spaces or traveling to other governorates is no longer easy for all Yemenis. There are many obstacles faced…

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Methal: My Dream Is My Home

An Exclusive Interview with Yemeni Singer Methal. 

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Amr Gamal: Theater In Wartime

After years of stagnation and interruption in theater, the director and playwright Amr Gamal along with a group of youths…

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