Weaam Abdulmalik

The Treacherous Path for Yemeni Women Towards Achieving Rights

A profile on The Peace Track Initiative.

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The Zoo in Taiz

Three years of war has cost Yemen a huge number of human lives. But what about the animals?

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Yemen’s war pushes women to the digital world

Although the country is rapidly deteriorating because of continuing hostilities, it hasn’t stopped women from searching for better opportunities.

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Love in the Time of War, Famine and Cholera: Stories from Yemen

There are many stories of love in the time of war, but as Yemeni society is conservative, heroes and heroines…

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al-Qahirah Castle in Taiz: Between Reality and the Symbolic

al-Qahirah Castle sits on Mount Sabr overlooking the city of Taiz, and stands as an additional element to the beauty…

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Taiz: The Depth of Civility and the Pain of War

Mohammed al-Munaifi and I met in one of the neighborhoods in Taiz. The 11-year-old puts his earphones into his small…

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Student Initiatives in Taiz: Forms of youth effectiveness against the war and ongoing siege

In a time when 82 per cent of Yemenis need humanitarian assistance, various initiatives organized by university students in Taiz…

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