Keeping Yemen Alive

I don’t want the memories of my Yemen to be overshadowed by media reports.

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The Collapse of the Currency and Unemployment Leads the Yemeni man to depression and Domestic Violence

  Women bear the heaviest burden. This is equally true of peacetime as it is of wartime, which destroys both…

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An Invitation to Accept One Another

Have the disasters of war taught Yemenis how to accept each other? And can Yemenis adopt a faith in equal…

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A Thousand Smiles for One Country: Leaving and Returning to the Motherland

Yousef Moneer writes a heartfelt piece on what it feels like to return home.

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A Pure and Fixed Identity Threatened by Annihilation

In the world of the twenty-first century there are those who imagine that they bear only one identity: a pure,…

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Seeds of Civil Society

Intellectuals are the most solid element of civil society, and the striking force that can take Yemen out of the…

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