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Rawiyah: A Story Told in Details on a Canvas

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It was difficult to imagine that a day would come when Yemenis would fight to remember that their cities, before the war, had been welcoming and safe spaces. Now, thinking about going for a short walk or an afternoon visit to relatives and neighbors is a cause for concern and fear. These might seem the small details of daily life, but they mean a lot.

This video is about, a Yemeni artist who finds in her creative process a space to vent and depict the details that she sees. Rawiya mohammed’s art represents the deep desire of Yemenis for art that speaks to their hope for lives that the war has taken from them. This short video was filmed and edited by Mahmoud al-Maqtry as part of al-Madaniya Magazine’s video production work. You can follow Mahmoud’s work through his instagram account.

The short video – Rawiyah: A Story Told in Details on a Canvas:

Translated by: Abdullah al-Ruwaishan
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