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Eclectic Yemeni is a 23-year-old artist and illustrator from Sana’a. In her illustrations, Eclectic Yemeni focuses on women from her own background and culture. She portrays young girls who share the same values, struggles, but also strengths. The portraits and artwork are presented in different mediums; not only watercolor illustrations and oil paintings but also digital animations.

 still shot from the video still shot from the video

In her latest work, Eclectic Yemeni worked with the Yemeni German band Kabreet on making a video for the song Sakran (Intoxicated), a song that deals with the burdens of Imran, a young drunk man. The song is described as an almost accidental and ironic homage to nights out in Yemen. REORIENT magazine’s MK Harb describes the song as:

“Imran is not only drunk from binge drinking, but also the current burdens plaguing contemporary Yemen, a country that has been torn apart by war and what many feel to be a conservatism with respect to cultural output. It starts with an Afro beat and enters into a speedier one reminiscent of the Lebanese music of the mid-nineties, similar to that on many of the songs by the postwar band The 4 Cats.”

 still shot from the video still shot from the video

Eclectic Yemeni’s video captures the essence of many elements implied in the song: whether it was a homage to the late Ofra Haza or a reminder that this land was once governed by women. Merging footage of modern day young Yemenis dancing at weddings along with archival footage, circa 1950s, of Yemeni Jews dancing, complements the lyrics of the song, aiming to remind Yemenis of their unique diversity, which once brought people from different religious backgrounds together.

Al-madaniya magazine is pleased to present VIDEO 01: Eclectic Yemeni does Kabreet. We encourage all Yemeni artists, animators and creatives to submit their work for future issues.

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