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2019 in Photos: Insisting on Life and Embracing Eternity

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As 2019 has ended, al-Madaniya presents a look back at the year through a diverse selection of photographs.

What unites these images is that they reflect the people and places of Yemen. Despite the diversity of landscapes, from the coastline to mountains and from the countryside to cities, there is a common thread that runs through these scenes: the inherent insistence of people to continue life despite the raging war.

Life goes on with its joys and sorrows, challenging the warmongers who have lost their sense of humanity. Places seem eternal, and the sea continues to flow with the sun as witness. Old cities hold on to their cultural uniqueness, and the beauty in people’s eyes perseveres. Children stand at the edge of the sea and on the periphery of the city as if time is at a standstill.

In this sense these photographs carry a story of Yemen as a civilization full of potential and promise, despite the cruelty of war and its disasters.

This selection was made following a call for submissions by our editorial team. Photographers across the country shared their most memorable images from different scenes of  everyday life in Yemen.

We are thrilled to share these images under the title, Insisting on Life and Embracing Eternity.

“Sunset at the Old City of Sana’a” – Mohamed Bjash



“Taiz, the city and the mountain! – On the left side of the viewer, al-Qahirah Castle” – Ezaldin al-Afifi



“The Everyday Heroes – Blacksmith Market, Crater, Aden” – Nisreen Nader



“al-Shoroom Dam, Ibb” – Hamzawy al-Duais


“Sirr Village, Shabwah” – Anwar al-Hajri



“al-Salam Neighborhood, al-Mukalla” – Abubakr Ahmed Balfaqih



“Before Sunset, al-Hawban, Taiz” – Abdurahman Ahmed al-Sabri



“Marib Dam” – Muath al-Gabal



“The Diversity of Aden’s Nature – al-Boraiqa, Aden” – ِAbdullah Ahmed Abdullah



“al-Dula’a, one of Wesab al-a’ali’s Villages, Dhamar ” – Salah al-Emad



“Batha’a Shibam, Hadramout” – Abdulqader al-Hebshi



“Sultan al-Qu’aiti’s Palace, al-Mukalla” – Hanadi al-Shaibani



“Simple Life, Bab al-Yemen, Sana’a” – Nezar Moqbel



“Golden Sunset – Ras Emran, Aden” – Hamza Mustafa



“Different perspective for Queen Bilquis’s Throne – Mareb” – Abdullah al-Jaradi



“Wider angle for the besieged Taiz” -al-Bara’a Mansour



“A window to the past- Al Haymah al-Dakhiliyah, Sana’a” – Karama al-Nezari



Entertainment crosses ages, Taiz” – Hanaa al-Rashed



“Architectural Masterpieces – Old City of Sana’a” – Abdulrahman al-Okaad



“The High-Rises of Shibam, the first skyscrapers of the world” – Ali grhoom


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