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It Once Was Their Home

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Nothing but destruction covers some districts of Taiz province in central Yemen, which have been suffering from war since March 2015. The war has forced half a million citizens to become displaced, leaving their homes and moving to safe areas inside or outside Yemen.

After a long period of displacement, many of them returned to their homes, once the districts had become safe and the attacks had stopped. But they found only the remains of their homes; elements of their previous lives had disappeared, causing them to begin another journey of pain and suffering.

At first glance, one feels surprise at walking through all the debris. But the pain you see in the eyes of the returnees lives with the viewer for days and days, especially the haunting photographs of children visiting their former homes.

Photographer Mohammed al-Tawiji, with the consent of the parents, took the children to the destroyed districts and neighborhoods of Taiz in order to capture the reaction of children in those parts of town. His photographs clearly capture the situation the children are in.

Mohammed al-Tawiji is a photographer based in Taiz.

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