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The Meaning of Childhood to Heba

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During childhood our first experiences of life are formed and our first conceptions of what it means to be alive blossom. Childhood is happiness because children live in the present; they are not affected by a sad past, nor do they live in anticipation of a future that might be painful. Childhood is also curiosity and wonder, because children are the first philosophers and they explore their world through asking about, searching for, thinking about, and marveling at what they sense, feel and believe. During childhood, inspiration and fantasies first occur, and this is the period when a child sees whole worlds that adults do not have an opportunity to explore because they are too busy with daily life and activities. In this short video, Heba al-Moainy, a 12-year-old creator, calls on each one of us to cultivate the child inside by nurturing these characteristics of childhood: happiness, curiosity, marvel and inspiration.

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Heba Ameen al-Moainy, 12 years old, is a YouTuber, graphics designer, artist, writer, and programmer, and she is also learning Japanese. She learned design three years ago, online, with the help of her siblings. Heba started her YouTube channel in January 2019, and she uses it to share diverse content, including stories that she wrote, and content on learning Japanese. Heba aspires to be the first manga artist and anime creator in Yemen.


Our Childhood by Heba al-Moainy:

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