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Marriam and Wajdi

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“I want to become a doctor and help all the people in need.”


 image courtsey of Eman al-Mansoob
image courtsey of Eman al-Mansoob

In her neighborhood, photographer Eman al-Mansoob followed two children most affected by the ongoing war.
Ten-year-old Marriam and 13-year-old Wajdi are neighbors. Wajdi starts his morning by helping his dad fetch water from a distant location, carrying it for hours. Meanwhile, Marriam; an IDP from hodadiah, starts her day by collecting wood from surrounding areas to use for cooking.
After obtaining parental consent, Eman followed both Marriam and Wajdi for a day, documenting their activities.

“I have to help my dad my every single day from the early morning. Sometimes I wish I can go and play in parks like other kids my age but we can’t afford it.”


The images presented here aim to show examples of the lives of Yemeni children living in a war-torn land. With all the pain they endure at such an early stage of their lives, somehow they remain hopeful, and they hold on to their dreams of making a change in their lives, their families, and eventually their country.

“It would probably be nicer if I was a boy. I could leave the house every time I want. Play outside. I might have a bike and can go fast in the street across our house.”


Eman al-Mansoob is a Sana’a-based photographer, originally from Taiz. She is currently a student in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Sana’a University. She uses photography as a mean to reflect on her identity and express emotions. She is keen on documenting the lives of those most affected by the conflict and ongoing war – in particular, the children.

“I appreciate photography as an art medium. It’s something I am passionate about and I see myself further developing my academic skills in this medium. The ongoing war and conflict made me lose hope in many aspects of life, but I feel I found it again in taking photographs and documenting the lives of those affected by the conflict in my country.”

– Eman al-Mansoob

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